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Ode To Arrows

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RHOSEWAY is the solo project of Albany-based songwriter Rob Fleming. All writing, arrangements, performances, and production done solo. A long-desired creative outlet of self-produced music, which has been described as indie-alternative rock, with influences drawing from Jeff Buckley and McCartney, to Soundgarden and Radiohead.

Previously the singer & songwriter for Albany-based alt-rock group Fort Rooster, supporting the debut eponymous album.

Early 2021 saw the dual-single release "Drop Your Guard // Deep Valley", followed by late 2021's "Ode To Arrows // Let The Sky Send Rain". Both released individually first, but meant to be heard as a pair.

Rhoseway is a DIY project with limitations only met by influence. While it currently exists as a studio-only venture, arrangements are in process for near-future live performance.