There’s a subtle tension to Rhoseway’s songs that hooks you and pulls you along. Fleming’s voice rises and dips around his understated but lovely guitar playing, and Niedbalski’s drumming propels the songs forward. Sometimes this tension is released in bigger sonic moments, and sometimes it refuses to give you the overt resolution you might be expecting. “Cloak & Dagger,” for instance, has a melody that floats above an insistent drumbeat, and just when things feel like they’re going to explode, Rhoseway reels things back in. In general, Fleming’s songs play with dynamics, melody, and harmonic movement in a way that keeps you engaged throughout.” - Seth Biskind

Nippertown, 2023


Albany, NY-based RHOSEWAY is the creative solo project from singer and songwriter Rob Fleming. Performing as a solo electric act, or 3-piece band. All writing, arrangements, and production done solo. A long-desired creative outlet, described as indie-alternative rock, with influences drawing from Jeff Buckley and McCartney, to Soundgarden, Radiohead, and Neil Young.




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Rob Fleming